Dave Meltzer Reported Fake Dragon Gate Information In Hoax Scandal

The Dragon Gate Hoax was the scandal which did the most damage to Dave Meltzer’s credibility. Ever since he began reporting on wrestling with the creation of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter in 1983, Dave Meltzer has been one of the most accurate and consistent reporters in pro wrestling. He is arguably the most respected of … Read more

Ranking The 10 Wildest Wrestling Conspiracy Theories

Due to the long-respected idea of “Kayfabe” in wrestling, you can never be sure what is true and what is false. It is a business shrouded in secrecy, and usually the strangest story is the one that will be peddled out by wrestlers are promoters alike. This has led to a litany of conspiracy theories … Read more

Bret Hart Wrestled His Last Match Against Ricardo Rodriguez…No, Really

Bret Hart is considered to be the best technical wrestler of all time and one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of wrestling. The former WWE and WCW Champion is one of Canada’s favourite sons, and Bret Hart gave it his all, whether it was his first match or his last match. Bret Hart’s … Read more

The Story Behind Vince McMahon’s Son & Limo Explosion

One of the most iconic angles in the Ruthless Aggression Era involved Vince McMahon‘s explosive death. The cancelled 2007 angle should be talked about as an all-time great angle. It was a classic “whodunnit?”, mixed in with an illegitimate son storyline, and a battle for the succession of the company. However, if we look back, … Read more

Why The Rock Never Wrestled Shawn Michaels In WWE

If you think of some of the biggest stars in wrestling, two names that have to come to mind are The Rock and Shawn Michaels. Two incredible wrestlers in the ring with buckets of charisma, who have main evented multiple WrestleMania’s and won countless WWE Championships. However, you may find it curious to find out … Read more

The 14 Best Bryan Danielson Matches Of All Time

Whether he’s called Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson, nobody has pulled out as many all-time great matches in his career than The American Dragon has. Whether it be in WWE, AEW, ROH or even wrestling a bear, every time you watch Bryan Danielson wrestling you know you’re going to see something spectacular. He is one … Read more