Star Ratings

Rating wrestling matches with a star rating out of five (or more) is something fans have been doing since time immemorial.

The person most regarded for doing this is Dave Meltzer. The Wrestling Observer founder has been giving matches ratings since the 1980s, and shows no signs of stopping.

However, if you’d rather a different view, is the largest site where fans can vote on match ratings. This shows a diverse range of opinions, and any match over the 9.00 is one you know is worth a watch.

In addition, here at Wrestling Throwback, we also like to give our two cents about various matches, promos and segments from throughout the world of wrestling.

In this page, we’ll detail the match ratings for a variety of matches and events from the world of wrestling. These will be separated by wrestling company, and you can click the company name to see even more star ratings for their shows!

WWE Star Ratings

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AEW Star Ratings

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NJPW Star Ratings

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You can also check out the match ratings from some of the biggest shows ever! Click the links to see every star rating, match rating and our view on the following events:

Five-Star Matches

Five stars is generally seen as the top ranking one can give. Whether it’s a fantastic movie, a brilliant album or a top-notch video game, if it’s five stars, you have to experience it.

Wrestling is no different. Fans and critics alike have always given their views, with stars their preferred currency. While Dave Meltzer has broken his five-star scale multiple times now, a match at that rating is generally considered a must match.

If you want to find out about some of the five-star matches you should watch, then you are in luck. Click any of the links that below that tickle your fancy to learn about some of the best matches in wrestling history.